10 Philippine Made Lace Bralettes Php 500 And Below Your Tatas Will Love

10 Philippine Made Lace Bralettes Php 500 And Below Your Tatas Will Love

"Who wouldn't want a lace bra that is so cheap yet quality is at it's peak!"

Finding the right bralette is not easy as sometimes buying cheap ones will only last for a month or so?

Not with us. Here at Intimate Room, we offer a vast collection of unique and cute bralettes that you can wear anywhere, be it casual, formal, in or out of the bedroom.

Our bralettes are 100% made by Filipino Local Artisans. Skilled and trained for Lingerie Sewing with the help of our CEO and Founder who, herself also started sewing lingerie for customers back in 2016. 

Now let's skip to the good part...

10 Philippine Made Lace Bralettes Php 500 And Below Your Tatas Will Love


1. Dorothy Front Lock Mesh Bralette Php 400

Black mesh triangle bralette

Let us take you back to the Classics. Our Dorothy Bra is a basic non scalloped triangle mesh bralette with adjustable shoulder straps and a silver hardware front lock. You can match it with a mesh panty, a black regular cut lace or have it your way by mixing it with any of our colored panty from our Panties Collection. 

2. Moon Cutout Bra Php 450

Black lace cutout lingerie bralette

What do you look for when it comes to lingerie that makes you feel sexy and confident but at the same time will not burn a hole in your pocket?


A triangle bralette, scalloped lace with a center keyhole or what we call the "cutouts". It is unlined which makes it even more exciting. Designed for all around comfort with soft under band. Adjustable shoulder straps and adjustable back lock. Now this is what women wear when they want to feel sexy.

3. Celeste Amber Lace Bra Php 400

It is always best to stick to the basics when you are lost in finding the perfect bralette for you, aside from the fact that it's comfortable to wear, your pocket won't suffer. Our Celeste Amber Lace is a basic triangle lace bralette with a nice touch of Paisley Lace Pattern. Perfect to wear under a shirt of wear it as it is under the sheets. It is really relaxing when you want to sleep in without having to take off your bra. (if you don't feel like it.)

4. Ice blue Amber Lace Bralette Php 400

Woman wearing ice blue lingerie lace bralette

Tired of wearing boring colors? Our Ice Blue Amber Lace Bralette will surely change the game and refresh your partner's eyes. A basic triangle bra in ICE BLUE Lace Pattern. A perfect lingerie bralette to match with any neutral colored panty.

5. Foxy White Amber Lace Bralette Php 400

white lingerie lace bralette

Intimate Room's most basic lace bralette with a single back hook lock. The first design ever released back in 2016 and it has been a lingerie staple since then. Made from high quality elastic lace trim and straps, unlined bralette and adjustable straps. There are many colors to choose from too.

6. Silhouette Amber Bralette Php 400

gray lingerie lace bralette

A color not everyone would pick but this is a shade that compliments all skin tone. Never be afraid to try the grey shade as it will bring out your shine. A grey is not a dead color but it represents neutrality and balance.

7. Red Berry Amber Bralette Php 400

red lingerie lace bralette

It has the same features as any other Amber Bralettes, But this Red Berry shade is for someone who wants to try something different. If you want to stand out among the rest then the Red Berry is the perfect lingerie bralette for you. 

8. Foxy Black Amber Lace Bralette Php 400

The classic black lingerie bralette. This lace has been a staple since then and as the brand evolved, We have created multiple designs using this black lace. The Foxy Amber Lace Bralette is one of our best selling bralettes because of the color, soft lace material and the simplicity of the style. Many have been matching their Foxy Amber Lace Bralettes with other lace or mesh panties like easy take offs, regular cuts, butterfly thongs and more! You too can Remix Your Set.

9. Love Lace Bralette Php 500

Woman wearing a black strappy lingerie lace bralette

Let's take you to the next level, This is something you would not dare to miss. A bralette with interchangeable straps. but how? Our Good Ol' Classic Love Lace Bralette has the magic of interchanging the X-front straps to V-front straps. How? Just switch the two straps across each other and there you have it! A dual purpose bra. 

10. Eva Half Long Line Bralette Php 500

black lace lingerie long line bralette

And Finally, A bralette that is so cheap but offers more coverage than any other bralettes listed above. The Eva Half Long Line. It is a basic triangle bra with a lace long line if you want to hide a bit of your skin. Also available with cup covers. See Eva Full L-A-O Bra Top


There you have it! For budget restricted ladies out there! It's never too late to try wearing lingerie. Be YOU, Be Sexy, be Beautiful! After all, Your body needs it.








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