3 Bridal Gift Wrap Styles for your Soon-To-Be-BFF-Bride

3 Bridal Gift Wrap Styles for your Soon-To-Be-BFF-Bride

These are the 3 Bridal Gift Wrap Styles for your BFF/Bride-To-Be/Soon-To-Be-Bride!
Got a bridal shower, birthday or a special event to attend to? We got you covered!
Choosing the perfect gift for your BFF-Bride is frustrating because you want to give her something that will truly remind her all the memories you've had when she was still a "Miss". Don't be sad dear because in her eyes, you are still her #1 BFF.
Now here comes the problem, what should you gift her? Nah, you've already had that in your check list. You've probably bought that weeks ago, But what's even bugging you is how you're going to present it to her in such a way that she will not just love what you got for her, but how astonishingly pretty your wrap is.
 Intimate Room's Gift Wrapping Service is now available. Our Gift Wrapping Package also includes a personalized message for the bride. All you have to do is ask yourself what bridal lingerie set you want give, send us your personalized note, we'll wrap it nicely and we'll print out the letter for you.
1. The Dramatic Bride
Bridal Lingerie Gift Box in Dusty Rose
Your Bff Bride is into dramatic shades of dusty rose, tea rose, old rose, rose gold, name it. Thanks to Pink Pantone swatches. She is someone who will literally buy anything as long as it has a touch of pink or She is someone who loves vintage classic themes. She is a person who is subtly warm and typically feminine, She is often been described as a "gender neutral" hue. In color psychology, rose gold creates a sense of calm.
2. The Simple Bride
Bridal Lingerie Gift Box in La Creme

Gift Box La Creme

Who does not love cream? it's often associated with beige, khaki, nude, skin tone and more! Some might not like the yellow shade but cream basically originated from the pale yellow hue. (Thanks to Color Theory back in college.) This is for someone who is simple, pleasant, calm and on the quiet side of life. 
3. The Sophisticated Bride
Bridal Lingerie Gift Box in Wine Berry
Wine is often associated with a higher society. No! she doesn't have to be plain rich or be friends with Serena Van Der Woodsen. It only means that this shade of red calls for sophistication, elegance, seriousness, power and a lot of  energy. So if your BFF is a total opposite of #2 Gift Box La Creme, Then you know what to get.
If you haven't gone through our wide collection of bridal lingerie sets, browse now and see what set you'd be getting for your BFF.
Here's the link to our BRIDAL GIFT WRAPPING SERVICE! Glad to help!
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