Be Your Own Lingerie Designer In 5 Easy Steps

Be Your Own Lingerie Designer In 5 Easy Steps

"If only I could design my own lingerie, I would collect tons and tons of them and never want to wear another set from another brand."


One day, you stepped into a lingerie store, tried looking for a nice set of lingerie for a midnight feast but you ended up choosing none because you have already envisioned what type of intimate set you want to wear and those are not exactly what you are looking for. Then your inner overthinker personality budged over:

"If only I could design my own lingerie, I would collect tons and tons of them and never want to wear another set from another brand."

Okay but you are not a professional designer and you have zero connections when it comes to it.


Intimate Room has been accepting Major Custom Lingerie Orders since 2016. The idea started when I was browsing lingerie websites and could not find a single pair I want to get because all of them carry the same styles. Then the rest was history.

Major custom work is all about creating something from scratch, whether a photo of your grandmother in a peignoir or your own sketch! Let's turn those dream pieces into reality!

These are what you need to do for a successful lingerie design execution. Remember, we are not a big company but we surely take lingerie designing seriously with the help of our overly hard-working design team and our local artisans.


1. Get your design ready!

Gir thinking
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Choosing one lingerie design is pretty challenging because you, at the moment, are overwhelmed with all the ideas that are getting in your mind. A corset, bustier with details on it, more details to it yes! Maybe a simple bra top with a matching pair of high cut knickers, oh and maybe add a bit of floral fabric, ugh! so on and so forth. Focusing on one design is a lot easier than juggling from one to let's say three more sets and besides, we are not going anywhere honey, you can come back for more.


2. Choose Your Fabric

lingerie fabric
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Once you've chosen your desired piece, now it's time to select your fabric! Choose a color or lace pattern that you think is perfect for the proposed piece. You can also provide your own fabric. You can mix and match, change the color of the straps, combine two fabric materials in one piece, etc. (Play with your imagination girl!)

Please remember that our fabric materials are very limited and can sell out anytime, so don't wait too long if you have your heart set on something! Once they're sold out, it's not usually possible for me to restock them, We'll update you with the fabrics' availability as often as possible. 

3. Draft your design and send us a clear copy of the proposed image.

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Please note that lace materials and fabric patterns might be a little less different from the references. And also, outcome may not turn out exactly the same as we use different types of materials and follow different sewing techniques. So we usually tweak the design a little.

4. Design Process

Drafting lingerie design and pattern
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This is where our design people come in. We will start everything from planning, drafting lingerie patterns, illustrating, discuss more details to design execution.

5. Sit back and relax

woman relaxing on the couch
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Major Lingerie Custom Order usually takes up to 30 business days, so sit back, relax and in the meantime, enjoy the idea of wearing your dream lingerie set in just a couple of days. Keep yourself busy. Perhaps a self-care routine will do.


See? It's not so bad! after all, we are just having fun here! Hit us up if you are ready to work with us and we promise to guide you every step of the way!
By confirming to our Major Custom Terms, Kindly send us an email or send a message to our OFFICIAL INSTAGRAM PAGE @Intimateroom
For faster response and other questions, you can reach us via any of our active social media account:  Instagram Direct Message @intimateroom

You can also reach us at (+63) 995 874 5823 via SMS, VIBER or WHATSAPP

Thank You!
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