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While Quantities Last: Up to 60% Off

Discover lingerie sets you'll love from lace bras, mesh thongs, cute lace panties, ouverts and more. New arrivals weekly. All at 50% off plus selected styles up to 60% off (and they're selling out - fast).


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How we inject positivity into the lives of women


Hand-made with love

Here at Intimate Room, we have skilled local artisans sewing and perfecting every single detail into making you the perfect lingerie set.

Intricate designs

We create pieces that are far from ordinary.

Ethical & Sustainability

We are kind to the planet and our people.

Our brand has been taking steps in saving Our Planet ever since. We believe that every little piece of design that we create should make you feel and look good.
Without hesitation, we decided to partially use recycled raw materials to come up with designs that are sustainable, hence, making use of our scraps and unused fabric materials. With thoughtful designs, and the help of our skilled artisans, we are not only making a difference in reducing our impact on the environment but also, taking steps towards creating one-of-a-kind products that will surely make women today feel confident in their bodies.

Slow design

We focus on quality rather than quantity


We put our best effort on every design.


Styles are locally produced and made by Manila's finest seamstresses.


We understand our clients' needs, their preferences and what works for them.

  • Kylie

    IR always exceeded my expectation and they never failed from customer satisfaction, services and turning a concept into a gorgeous piece. I love all my lingerie from Intimate Room.

  • Mara

    It's everything I wanted in a lingerie. THANK YOU SO MUCH! Everything looks great and fits perfectly. I did not know having custom-made clothing would feel so good!

  • Andrea

    I was nervous at first because the bra didn't have underwires (and I usually get bras with wires since my boobs are not as firm) but this one fits so nicely and still gave me a nice lift. Thank you so much!

  • Bea

    The pasties are the best! No show, gave me the extra lift. No jiggle & they absolutely did not hurt!

  • Pam

    This is a dream to wear. Thank you again. I can't wait to get more sets from you guys.

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